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The global pandemic has left a mark on various aspects of our society, with one of the most significant impacts being on our working population. Recent data reveals that a record 2.5 million people are not working due to long-term illness, indicating an increase of 400,000 since the pandemic. This upsurge directly affects these individuals’ lives and carries substantial economic repercussions for the nation.

At present, the United Kingdom spends £16 billion on working-age benefits. However, given the current trend, projections show that this cost is set to escalate drastically, reaching an astounding £25 billion by 2028. Such an increase is inevitably a concern for our national economy, creating a strain on public funds that could be better spent elsewhere.

Yet, this issue is not quickly resolved. Even though there have been recent signs of a dip, new disability benefits claims are still running at an alarming rate of 30,000 a month, almost double the level before the pandemic; this indicates that more and more people are finding themselves unable to work due to health-related issues, a situation that may only exacerbate the economic strain already experienced.

In response to this escalating issue, we at our YouOptimised platform stand firmly by the principle of prevention over treatment. Rather than just focusing on addressing the problem after it has arisen, we encourage proactive steps to maintain health and well-being, preventing such situations from occurring in the first place.

We believe that by providing resources and support to maintain and improve health, we can collectively help reduce the economic inactivity that has been accelerated due to the pandemic. Our platform is filled with a wealth of resources designed to aid you in this endeavour, from guides on maintaining physical and mental health to advice on creating a balanced lifestyle.

In these challenging times, prevention is more important than ever. By safeguarding our health, we can contribute to reducing the strain on our economy, helping to build a stronger future for all. We urge you to utilize our resources to improve your life and contribute to our society’s well-being.


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