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The interplay of advancements in personalised healthcare, digital health solutions, and the rise of remote work is poised to shape the future landscape of work productivity. As these individual sectors continue to evolve and intersect, it is expected that employees’ well-being will increasingly influence, and be influenced by, their work environment.

In this context, personalised medicine – tailored healthcare based on a person’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment – is becoming a significant player. The availability of genomics and personalised medicine can potentially transform how we perceive health and disease, enabling preventative strategies and treatments that maximize work productivity.

Digital health, too, is becoming more prominent, with digital tools providing health and wellness resources directly to employees. These platforms can promote healthy habits, monitor health metrics, and provide real-time feedback, fostering a proactive approach to health management. This, in turn, can lead to improved productivity as employees can address potential health issues before they significantly impact their work performance.

Furthermore, the shift to remote work, hastened by recent global events, has brought about new challenges and opportunities. On one hand, remote work can provide more flexibility, reduce commute stress, and allow for a better work-life balance. On the other hand, it can also pose challenges such as the lack of physical activity, increased screen time, and the risk of social isolation. The ability to address these issues effectively can significantly influence productivity.

In summary, as we navigate the future of work, we need to consider the intertwined nature of health and productivity. The way forward involves utilizing advancements in personalized medicine, digital health, and the implementation of effective remote work strategies to create a work environment that promotes both health and productivity. (Adapted from “The Future of Work and Health: Data, Dollars, and Policy”, Health Affairs, 2019)

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