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Despite the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer stating that no concrete evidence links aspartame to cancer, our advice is to minimise your intake of artificial sweeteners, including aspartame.

Artificial sweeteners are often used as a substitute for sugar. While they can assist in managing weight and controlling diabetes, they may also have potential negative impacts on metabolism, gut health, and cravings for sweet foods.

It is worth noting that consuming artificially sweetened drinks should not be seen as a healthy alternative to consuming water, tea, or other unsweetened beverages. While they can be part of a diet, they should not become a mainstay.

Thus, while consuming up to 14 cans of aspartame-containing diet drinks daily may not increase cancer risk, we advise sparingly using artificial sweeteners. Emphasising a nutrient-rich and balanced diet, full of whole foods and plenty of water, is a more practical approach to maintaining overall health.

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